Stain Removal

Carpet color repair is simply repairing or restoring color to its original form. Color repair by definition is a general term for color restoration regardless if you’re adding color or reducing color.
Parrot specializes in removing stains or manipulating the color of carpet or rug fibers. This is our speciality. Everything is a spot until it’s deemed a stain. Stains by definition are permanent. Stains are always added color and that’s why you see them. If there’s added color and it’s permanent there’s a high chance it’s repairable. Click here to gind more. If there’s color loss there’s also high a chance it’s repairable too.

  • Q: How will you know if you can repair it? A: Try dyeing it.
  • Q: How long will it take? A: Depends on areas and size.
  • Q: How much does it cost to repair damage? A: It all depends on size, quantity, location of areas, and grade of carpet.
  • Q: If my carpet cleaner couldn’t remove it why can you? A: We specialize in manipulating fibers and then repairing color.