Rug Cleaning Prices

  • Handmade: $3.75 per sq ft.
  • Machine made synthetic: $2.75 per sq ft.
  • Machine made wool: $3.25 per sq ft.
  • Viscose: $4.00


Urine Odor Elimination

  • Handmade: $4.25 per sq ft.
  • Machine made synthetic: $3.50 per sq ft
  • Machine made wool: $4.00 per sq ft.
  • Viscose: $4.75 per sq ft.


Rug padding

  • Rug Pad: $2.50-$3.00 per sq ft.


Rug Repair (hand repairs)

  • New Fringe: $40.00-$50.00 per linear ft. (create new fringe from rug)
  • New Fringe: $30.00-$50.00 per linear ft. (add fringe, not original material)
  • New edges: $30.00-$45.00 per linear ft.
  • New secondary backing for machine tufted rugs: $4.00-$6.50 per sq ft.
Prices could vary from what is stated depending on condition of rug, type of rug, edge thickness, types of fringe and other factors. This is a good starting point as a point of reference. Other repairs: other repairs will be quoted once seen.


Minimum Pick-up, Delivery, and Drop off charge

  • Minimum order total within the 494 loop: $125 (plus delivery charge $7.50 each direction)
  • Minimum order total Outside the 494 loop: $160 (plus delivery charge $15.00 each direction)
The minimum pick up and delivery charge pertains to the minimum order that will be charged for pick-up and delivery. Example: If we pick up one rug that only measures 4ft x 3ft we will charge either $125 or $160 depending on location plus pick up fee. Coupons or specials DO NOT count towards minimum charges. Free Pick-up and delivery on orders at or above $300.00 (inside and outside 494 loop) Minimum drop charge: $50.00


Carpet Dyeing Prices

  • Bleach spot repair: Will provide estimate
  • Rug color restoration: Will provide estimate
  • Color cleans: .45-.85 per sq ft
  • Color change: .90-$2.00 per sq ft
  • Color restorations: .80-$1.50 per sq ft


For dyeing jobs

The easiest way for us to provide you an estimate is for you to send us a picture/s of the damaged areas. Always include room area size of each area there’s a repair in. It’s imperative that you include a size marker (something you and I commonly know the size of) so we can distinguish the correct size of the repair so we can accurately estimate job. Here’s a list of must haves for giving you a proper estimate.
  1. Number of spots that need to be repaired (pictures please)
  2. Size marker (so we can determine size of repairs)
  3. Do you have replacement carpet?
  4. What grade of carpet is it? (if you know)
  5. Do you own the house or are you renting it?
  6. Is it in one room or multiple rooms?
  7. Area size of each room that repair is located