Rug Cleaning


Tub Washing (not us) vs Hand Washing

Tub washers utilize a very large tub that’s filled with hundreds of gallons of water. It has a large paddle that slowly churns the water. Tub washers clean multiple rugs at the same time in the same water. That means someone else’s rug is quite possibly being cleaned with your rug in that water. To us that is unacceptable and not sanitary. The tub washer is a high volume cleaner that may charge less but do you want your rug to be cleaned with other people’s rugs? Here are some things to consider when choosing a tub washer.

  • How many rugs do they clean before changing the water?
  • How do they sanitize the water?
  • If what they use to sanitize the water doesn’t hurt the wool or silk, how is it strong enough to kill the bacteria or germs from everyone else’s rugs?
  • What is used to sanitize the water? (This is a very important question to ask.)

The Parrot Difference

Hand washing is different. We clean rugs separately and independently of each other. We still use machines but our tools are controlled by us making it more precise, thorough, and complete. Our rugs are laid out flat on our custom-designed rug washing floor which we call our secondary floor. We apply a wool safe or silk safe cleaning solution and then gently agitate with a counter rotating device (not a rotary machine). Our wash floor is raised so there’s no pooling of dirty water and it can be tilted to any pitch we desire, resulting in a river washing effect.  This guarantees that dirt, urine, soil, germs, and bacteria are being flushed out and away from your rug. We then rinse using a high flow, high volume rinsing action ensuring that we return your rug to “restored clean”

Remember at Parrot we never intermingle rugs and we guarantee a returned rug that is CLEAN!