Pick-up, Delivery, & Drop Off

We have designated days and areas for pick-up, delivery, and drop offs. Please check for the day that we are delivering or picking up in your area. We coincide pick-up and delivery on the same day. Please call, text, or email us to schedule a pick-up or delivery date. Drop off days and times are listed below.
        • Q: What do you charge for pick-up and delivery?
        • A: within the 494 loop we charge $7.50 one way.
        • Q: Can I schedule a custom pick-up or delivery day?
        • A: Yes, but it will cost $50 for the custom pick-up or delivery.
        • Q: What is the charge outside the 494 loop?
        • A: if you’re outside the 494 loop we charge $15.00 one way.
        • Q: Do you move furniture?
        • A: Typically, we do not, but if there are reasons you can’t do it yourself please let us know and we can work something out
        • Q: Do you roll the rugs up, or do we?
        • A: We can roll the rugs up ourselves. Please be sure furniture is moved off rugs.
      • Q: Do you unroll the rugs and put on floor when you deliver?
      • A: Yes, we will if there’s no furniture in our way.

Pick Up & Delivery Charges

*Within 494 loop: $7.50 one way
*Outside 494 loop: $15.00 one way
*Custom Pick-Up or Delivery: $50.00 (for non-designated days delivery or pick-up)
*Wet Rug Pick-Up: $50.00
* Pick Up & Drop Offs With Pre-Payment Will Receive a 20% Discount

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