Odor Elimination

It’s quite simple. We eliminate odor, bad odor, all odors. We have a process that we are very confident in giving you a 100% guarantee of odor removal. Odor can be difficult because it can be hard to identify and locate. But on rugs it’s quite easy since rugs are pliable and much smaller in size. We offer a process that is safe, non-toxic,efficient, and highly effective. Here’s a short list of odors that we will eliminate. Urine, pet urine, all types of urine, cat spray,curry, cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, pipe smoke, marijuana smoke, fire smoke smell, skunk, decaying flesh, crystal meth, food odor, unknown odors, old house smell, locker room smell, mold/mildew smell, diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene, oil field smell, and the list goes on…………………….


  • Q: Is it safe? A: Yes. It is non-toxic.
  • Q: What does it cost? A: It depends on odor and square footage of the rug.
  • Q: Can you eliminate urine A :Yes, when we treat urine spots that area will be eradicated and eliminated.

This is an amazing process that has absolutely wonderful results! We guarantee our results.