Color Repair / Bleach Spot Repair

Carpet color repair is simply repairing or restoring color to its original form. Color repair by definition is a general term for color restoration regardless if your adding color or reducing color.

Bleach spot repair is always replacing colors to areas where colors have been lost.

Bathroom cleaners and household bleach are two of the main culprits for extreme color loss in carpet. Of course there are other culprits too, like nature and back and neck pain. A great example would be the sun, pets, and urine. Regardless of the reason we can restore colors to their original glory.

  • Q: How long will this take? A: It all depends on size of repairs.
  • Q: Can you get a perfect match? A: Our goal is a perfect match. Sometimes there are damaged fibers that will inhibit dye striking. We won't know that until we test the areas.
  • Q: How much does this cost? A: It depends on the size of repairs, quantity of repairs, and the grade of carpet being repaired.
  • Q: How do I get an estimate for repairs? A: Text (612-388-7228) or email (( an image of each damaged area with a reference guide. For example: place a writing pen next to the area that is damaged so that we can better determine the size of the repairs needed.