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Our Promise to You


Our promise is that Parrot has the best quality service with the finest results compared with any other rug dyeing, repair and cleaning company in Minnesota.

You can be confident that when allowing us to hand wash, repair, dye or color repair your carpet or oriental rugs, that our processes and systems are safe, gentle, thorough, and effective. Parrot handles Persian, Indian, Tibetan, Navajo, silk, wool, antique, handmade, and other fine rugs. We use copious amounts of water and  incorporate modern day rinsing agents to help in the overall cleaning process. We also utilize the most advanced equipment ensuring that we deliver what we say “restored clean”.

Our dyes are the best in the industry. Our dyes are 100% colorfast and non-toxic. Dyed fibers can be washed immediately with no color loss. Our dyes are used for color repair in the White House and the royal palace of Dubai. By not using powdered dyes, it provides the color to be restored to a higher level of brilliance “restoring color to your life”.

We do not sub-contract any of our work to other rug cleaning companies and or dyeing companies. We do everything in-house with great excitement and precision. We take great pride in the work we deliver.

Services We Offer

Carpet Repair
Rug Cleaning
Odor Elimination
Rug Repair
Rug Color Restoration
Rug Over Dye
Color Repair/Bleach Spot Repair
Color Clean
Color Change
Stain Removal

Drop Off Hours

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Our Blog

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