About Dyeing

Dyeing: Adding a color to or changing the color of something by soaking or spraying it with a solution impregnated with a dye:

Carpet dyeing is simply replacing color lost or adding color to something that’s never been there. Dyeing has many aspects to it and there’s a variety of different applications. For our applications we use a non-toxic liquid dye that is acid based. They’re 100% colorfast and radiant. We apply our dyes thru syringe, sprayer, or air brush.

Dyes historically have been natural being derived from nature. Some examples would be plants, animals, insects, and minerals. Natural dyes are not colorfast and are more muted. Synthetic dyes are made from organic compounds with synthetic components (non-toxic, will provide msds sheet upon request). Our dyes can’t be beat.

Carpet dyeing is a viable options for homeowners selling their house to improve the look or change the color of their existing carpet, older or newer, helping insure a faster resell of their home, apt, or condo. It’s also a great option for a homeowner to

dye their carpets if their carpets are lighter in color and show too much traffic due to foot traffic. Carpet dyeing is also a great option for those who have a color of carpet they don't like and want to change it.

Often times people replace carpet prematurely because they don't know what their options are or are possibly unaware that stains can be reduced and re-dyed. Dyeing is a specialty and a skill that can help save you money in the long run. At parrot our goal is a perfect color match.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Is carpet dyeing one the main focuses of their business?
  • Do they have Certified Dye Technicians who will be performing the work?
  • What kind of training and credentials does their technical staff have?
  • Are the dyes guaranteed to be permanent and colorfast for the life of the carpet?
  • Will the dyes leave any kind of residue?
  • Are Materials Safety Data Sheets available for inspection to prove non-toxicity of their solutions?
  • Do they use liquid dyes as opposed to powder dyes? (Liquid dyes do not leave a powdery residue behind)
  • Are they willing to guarantee that newly dyed carpet will have even coloration?
  • Are they willing to provide a written guarantee to attest to the results and the quality of their work?
  • Are they able to achieve perfect color matching?